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We’re experts in finances, strategy, and other areas, but we know there are other areas you may need to succeed. We’ve created a collaborative group of professional partnerships to better help you. We believe in delivering holistic solutions by collaborating with other industry professionals to provide a unified solution environment for our clients. Give us a call today to learn more. These services are offered to for-profit, non-profit, and government entities. Some of the services offered by our partners are listed here:

We work with expert CPA firms to assure that your business is protected and compliant based on "generally accepted accounting principles" (or GAAP).
Our partners have access to multichannel sources to assure that your message is carried forth in a broad manner to your target market in a simple, efficient, and effective method.

To assure that you are moving in the right direction, we work with expert marketing professionals who are able to understand your business, decipher your brand, and place you at the top of your competition, utilizing the tools available in today’s technology.
Information Technology

Our partner IT associates utilize state-of-the-art support tools, first-class engineers, and enterprise class processes to keep our customers’ systems running with high efficiency. They readily respond to the demands of this information economy which demands the creation, distribution, use, integration, processing, and manipulation of data. This requires sophisticated knowledge and skills to manage systems that propel and drive most competitive strategy formulation, forecasting, analysis, direction, and many other tasks necessary to operate in the business environment.

Our relationship portfolio includes these specialties: corporate, intellectual property, family, criminal, international, and immigration law.
Wealth Management

Our collaborative partner assists entrepreneurs and professionals with their financial goals and objectives. This partner is a premier financial services organization dedicated to providing quality financial products and services to help empower its clients to make informed decisions.
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