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We understand the difficulties that small businesses encounter, especially when it comes to finances, strategy, business development, and management and organizational change. Let our experience help you to overcome the hurdles of running a small business. Our services are offered to for-profit, non-profit, and government entities. We offer services in the following areas:
Change Management

Our IT associates utilize state-of-the-art support tools, first-class engineers, and enterprise class processes to keep our customers’ systems running with high efficiency. We readily respond to the demands of this information economy which demands the creation, distribution, use, integration, processing, and manipulation of data. This requires sophisticated knowledge and skills to manage systems that propel and drive most competitive strategy formulation, forecasting, analysis, direction, and many other tasks necessary to operate in the business environment.
We understand that these are only a few of the difficulties businesses encounter, and we believe in providing a holistic solution, providing help wherever it is needed. Because we recognized that we’re not experts in everything, we’ve partnered with other professionals to give you the greatest assistance. Please consult our Partners page to learn of our collaborative efforts to build your business in every crucial area.
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Access to Capital
Business Development
Information Technology
Our customers are unique with specific needs. We assess your organization to identify your unique challenges, consult with leadership to discuss our findings, customize solutions to address these challenges, and provide coaching services to assist with the transition, assuring that the changes are smoothly implemented and long-term lasting results are achieved. Strata and its collaborative partners conduct training as needed.
We examine and evaluate the financial position of your company and engage with other finance experts to assure that your company is adequately leveraged, that your ratios reflect healthy performance, and that you are able to anticipate capital needs. We make sure that you have access to financial advisors that can help you manage your wealth and protect your future.

We help you identify the value of your business ecosystem capitalizing on your external relationships by linking and connecting you with other businesses, suppliers, competitors, consumers, and markets to collaborate together leveraging mutual resources. The interactions of these forces combined together create opportunities for boosting sales, accessing new markets, or gaining prestige. We educate you on the benefits of a business ecosystem. We consult with you to help you identify relationships that are important for the success

As strategists, we constantly evaluate the world’s economy and keep up with industry wave movements across global markets, discovering indicators that point to opportunities. We share with you this wisdom of knowledge gained in the many years of service.