Strata Consulting & Associates Group was established in 2010 to expand the services offered by its predecessor IFT Consulting which began in 2002. During the first decade in business, IFT Consulting helped hundreds of small businesses and nonprofit organizations in areas of management, strategy, and finance. We were able to assist them with accessing millions of dollars in capital, improving their operations; assessing organization structure, processes, and systems creating a more proactive and positive work culture resulting in more engaged employees, higher employee performance, and higher profit margins; and identify and define company strategies, goals, and direction.

Through the years, we have built an organizational ecosystem that is represented by the relationships that we have created with higher education entities, work environments, philanthropic activities, community, and many other places and people we have developed relationships. Using this ecosystem, we created a joint collaborative group of professional partnerships to deliver a unified solution environment for our clients. Together, we offer services to for-profit, non-profit, and government entities.
"Convert your work culture into dollars!"
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Strata Consulting & Associates Group observes a similar mission as its predecessor focused on the enablement of our customers to exceed their highest potential and expectations using our proven process of assessing, consulting, enabling, and coaching. The company’s mission is to assist our customers to “convert their existing work culture and resources into dollars.”

Strata Consulting & Associates Group is a certified strategic partner with 360 Solutions LLC. 360 Solutions LLC is a world-wide leader and providers of “high performance leadership” training, coaching, consulting, and enablement for small to large corporations.
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